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My Rating System

Hi friends. Below, you can find reviews of all of the comics that I have read. To the right, you can read a little bit about how I review comics and the aspects that I take into consideration. In general, each rating is out of 10 points with each category being worth 2 points.

1. Art

Art plays a major role in the design of comics. I will be rating the art based on how much I personally enjoy it and how well the art meshes with the literature.

2. World-Building

Each comic creates its own little world. This category analyzes how well the characters, setting, art, and writing mesh together to build a cohesive world.

3. Fun

Reading comics should be entertaining. This category rates how fun or enjoyable a comic was to read. Usually, this encompasses elements like pacing or humor.

4. Plot

Any good story starts with a compelling plotline. This category scores how well developed and intricate the plotline of the comic is.

5. Relevance

This category considers how relevant the topics and themes illustrated in the comic are to the society that we live in.

Overall Score

The overall score is a combination of each category's score. Each category is worth 2 points, giving a total possible score of 10.

My Reviews

If you are looking for comics to read or to base lessons on, you have arrived at the right page. Below are my reviews of various comics that I have read. Feel free to leave a comment or give any sort of feedback on each post!

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