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Comics Workshop @ Dunstable Free Public Library

We hosted talented manga fans, artists, and aspiring Pokemon trainers at the Dunstable Free Public Library on July 12 for a Comics 4 Culture Workshop!

Learners ages 7 and up were welcome at the Workshop. We began by exploring existing comics either brought by Comics 4 Culture or found at the library and students took note of the important design elements and storytelling pieces that made up a fun and interesting comic, including panel design, dialogue pacing, character design, and plot lines.

After, the students dove into nearly an hour of drawing, writing, and creating, where they drew inspiration from their exploration and previous exposure to comics, graphic novels, and manga. Our next workshop is on July 28th at the West Newbury Public Library, followed by a two week long program at Si Se Puede, a educational non profit in Lawrence, MA.

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