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Harvest by Joe Sparrow Review

Art: 2/2

World-Building: 2/2

Fun: 2/2

Plot: 2/2

Relevance: 1.7/2

Overall: 9.7/10

London-based illustrator Joe Sparrow's Harvest is truly a work of art. In Harvest, two farmers trek over a desolate post-apocalyptic wasteland under a shattered moon in search of an elusive crop. During this journey, the elder farmer tells the young boy a story about the destruction of the society we live in today. Sparrow evokes many different dystopian realities in which the world ends, pinning the blame onto a virus outbreak or nuclear war. No matter the reason, the wise old farmer blames human's proficiency in destruction.

To call Harvest a masterpiece is an understatement. Joe Sparrow's illustrations, reminiscent of cartoons from my childhood such as Adventure Time, are dazzling. His masterful manipulation of scale and lighting creates awe-awakening scenes while the boy and the elder traverse the war-torn landscape. Although the story itself is nothing special, I highly recommend picking up Harvest just for the gorgeous visuals.

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