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Stoke Sam Wade Review

Art: 2/2

World-Building: 1/2

Fun: 2/2

Plot: 1/2

Relevance: 0.5/2

Overall: 6.5/10

Stoke by Sam Wade is an action packed and fun comic packed with no lack of fight scenes, but it is not much more than that. The plot felt slightly unoriginal and bland with an ending that left me with more questions than answers. With such a small page count, it is difficult to develop characters with a lot of depth which makes the characters in Stoke feel slightly superficial, but easy to relate to. The art, however, was unique, and the blending of the story with the prevalent orange tones that fill the backgrounds or the panel completely during flashbacks made it an enjoyable read. If a purely action packed, violent, and short comic is all you are looking for, then Stoke by Sam Wade is for you.

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